Tuesday, April 12, 2011

3 Great Shows You're Not Watching.

Or maybe you are. I can't read your Nielsen boxes. (Does anyone actually KNOW anyone who has one?).

In this world of terrible reality TV (can we even call it reality TV anymore?) great scripted shows are few and far between. And the good ones sometimes don't make it, they don't even get a fair shot. See: My So Called Life, Freaks and Geeks, Sports Night, etc.

First show you don't have on season pass but you should: Friday Night Lights.
Three reasons?
1. GREAT writing
2. "Clear Eyes, Full Heart"
3. Tim Riggins
4. It's about FOOTBALL!!!!!! But not really. But kind of...

Ok, that was 4 instead of 3.

Onto Show #2. Get to know The Sons of Anarchy.
It's pretty much The Sopranos but with bikers. But watered down a wee bit because it's on cable TV. And Charlie Hunnam is a dreamboat- total skeeze on the show sometimes, but such a lovable dirtbag. And Katey Sagal? She deserved that Golden Globe she won in January, she actually deserved it last year. Girl is PHENOMENAL in this show.

And last but not least, you NEED to get on board with The Good Wife immediately if not sooner.
Mr. Big, Julianna Margulies, Matt Czuchry and ALAN effing CUMMING. Brilliant cast. Great guest stars (Michael J Fox!). Leaves you wanting more each week.

All I know is if you're not watching the shows in this blog post, you really should start. Netflix the ones on DVD and get ready for the next seasons. Period. You heard it here. You won't be sorry.


  1. Nice work Ing! Sad that FNL is over but I never ever ever ever ever miss an episode of The Good Wife. I am glad to see that someone else is as obsessed with the massive talent that is Alan Cumming. Literally cheered aloud when I heard (at the end of last season) that we was coming onto the show full-time. Now if only MJF (my childhood love) and America Ferrera would be full-time as well. Still mourning the loss of Ugly Betty. Oh and Christine Baranski is phenom as well. Ok - I need to stop. Maybe we should have private TGW post-ep discussions.

  2. Oh Nat Nat, I had NO idea you were a TGW lover! We MUST have Wednesday morning recaps. That entire cast is brilliant, actually.

  3. They really really are. I am stoked for tonight's episode. We will definitely have to recap tomorrow!

  4. I nearly screamed with joy when I read that you also love FNL. I mean, it makes sense....plus, how can anyone not?? It's MY ABSOLUTE favorite show. I want to be Tammy Taylor's friend. I'm so sad it's over. CEFH...into next year's superbowl?? XO