Thursday, April 14, 2011

Katita B Chased Thirty.

And boy, did she catch it! Happy 30th birthday one of the best people I know. Here are some things (or some sings as we say) that bring a tear to my eye and a smile to my face; Katra. The Lounge. Beckham. Blue bug. PLB. Going out on school nights doing "Hollywood". Those clothes we used to wear. 4th of July at the beach. Malibu weekend. Ari-love. Tears. Hip hop dance class. Pee in my pants laughing. Barney's karaoke. UFB. Stone face while you try to make me crack. Queso. Engagement phone call. Mixed CDs. Growing up together, into ADULTS. Emailing ALL day long and getting home and having NOTHING to talk about. Sidekicks. Lainey Boggs. Puerto Vallarta Parte 1. Lazy Friday nights with Bossa. Our "have they or haven't they" emails. Puerto Vallarta Parte 2. Katra/Blingy 6 Man weekend. Mucho. Baby girl Schneidie to be!

Happy birthday, love. I hope it's as spectacular as you! Can't wait to celebrate YOU! xo


  1. Tears and tears and so so sooooo happy I have friends like you in my life. Would have never made it through everything without you!!! I LOVE YOU LOVEEEE YOU my Ingyboooo! xoxox

  2. p.s. is that Siri screaming bloody murder on the dance floor, to my right? Would love to see picture in it's original form. Hilar. Best peeps ever.

  3. Also I might be making a 'hang ten' sign.