Thursday, April 28, 2011


I will forever Love my first big girl purse. Love with a capital L. Like, forever-ever love it. I used it, abused it and it traveled near and far with me. It was the Classic Hillier Hobo by Marc by Marc Jacobs. In a color that they don't make anymore.

Over the years it got dirrrrty. And not in the Christina Aguilera way. I decided to take it to a cobbler to give it a bath. (Yes I just said cobbler). I dropped it off and he assured me he would have it looking brand new again. I WAS SO EXCITED. I went to pick it up and my heart almost stopped. Instead of using this to clean it: He used this:

To PAINT IT. How do I know? Oh, it smells like spray paint and there is paint on the hardware. Kill. If anyone sees a great purse in that exact color PLEASE let me know. And no, it can't be the Chloe bag that Reese W has been toting around HollyHOOD lately. Sad Ingy.


  1. This post scares me. I just dropped a purse off at the dry cleaner to get cleaned. If they spray paint it I might have a heart attack.

  2. You'll be fine. A dry cleaners would have the sense to call you and ask you if it was ok if they spray painted it instead of cleaned it. No heart attacks for you!

  3.'re saying I should definitely take my purse to this guy, right?