Tuesday, April 19, 2011


I like to throw expired things away. Whoever invented expiration dates is a gen-i-us (pronounced the way Nuni and Nooni say it). And Diet Coke expires, mind you. My dad doesn't think it does. We fight about it EVERY time I am home.

I opened the fridge at work last week at work to get milk for my coffee and saw this:

What is wrong with that at first glance? Expires in July 3012! Wow, that crushed garlic is going to last 1001 years!

Ok, this may be lame but it made me do a serious double take.


  1. I am giggling.

    p.s. Crushed garlic is not good in coffee.

  2. You know what I think is expired? The dishes in your oven. heeeeheheheh.

  3. Oh SNAP, Katy. And Siri, try it. I dare you!

  4. What about milk that's expired two days ago?