Friday, May 13, 2011

Like a Donut Hole?

Remember when we were little? Thought so. Little girls don't wear bikinis. And in my opinion, they shouldn't. I wasn't allowed to get one til I was a sophomore (and I was the one with whom John and Sal were most lenient). I actually had no business wearing one even if I wanted to, those were some SERIOUSLY awkward years. And I kind of agree that little kids shouldn't wear bikinis. Stepping off of my soapbox now...

That didn't mean that I didn't have a cheat/peekaboo suit. Remember those? With the hole in the belly and back cut out so it was kind of like an attached bikini? I think the one below is from 1988. For reals. And it was the only one I could find. I challenge you to find a better one.
Well, our friends at Revolve Clothing have a current one for sale. It's updated but boy does it bring me back.
The current version could have had me fooled that it wasn't from 1988 as well. That bottom print screams Saved by the Bell theme song backdrop, doesn't it? For the record, mine was white and it said "Coke is It" in primary colors. Of course it did. My mom was the one who bought it so why wouldn't it say Coke?

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  1. This is pretty awesome. All I can think about are the potential crazy tan lines. Congratulations by the way, on your "Coke Is It" swimsuit. You win.