Monday, November 28, 2011

The Importance of That Extra Roll of Toilet Paper.

Once upon a time I dated a boy named Dan*. Dan and I went out for dinner to Bossa Nova and enjoyed some Brazilian cuisine and some wine. We got home that night and had planned on heading to a bar down the street to meet up with some friends. Dan had to use the bathroom before we headed out. 5 minutes passed. And that's a long time. My text alert went off on my phone. I checked it and it was a text from Dan.

"You're out of toilet paper and there aren't any extra rolls in here. I'm really embarrassed."

Poor kid. I left a roll outside the bathroom and I went to wait outside. Dude's face was a brilliant shade of red for the remainder of the eve.

Moral of the story. ALWAYS have an extra roll of toilet paper IN your bathroom. It will do you (or the Dans of the world) NO good in your linen closet.

*Name has been changed to protect the identity. And no, he has NO idea I have this blog nor will he know. We are not friends nor are we acquaintances. So you can all feel better about laughing at this story.

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  1. Oh Dan. He probably considered jumping out the window with a poopy butt before texting you that.