Saturday, May 12, 2012

Hot Box.

No, not a box that is warm in temperature nor a box that is attractive.  The act of being hot boxed.  With a fart.

Bucky Gossard (Buckles the dog) likes to hot box under blankets and then kill you with the stench when you shift and the gas seeps out.  Others like to do it on a first date.  And not even crack a window to throw you a bone.  True story.  This happened to me.  I mean, I would have at least liked to have teased him but with NO indication that a sense of humor existed, I didn't dare go into uncharted territory.  So instead, we both pretended that it didn't happen and I damn near suffocated. And it did not smell good.  It smelled like something died.

Adventures in dating.

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  1. Wait...did you say uncharted? I think you meant UNSHARTED.