Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Let's Not Sugarcoat Anything.

Sometimes you just want to say exactly what you mean.  And sometimes you're cranky.  And then these would be appropriate.

I was shopping with Patrick last week and was at Haberdash in River North and saw these little business cards.  For $10, you can have these on hands to really tell people how you feel.  Did someone park you in and you can't even Austin Powers your way out?  Slip this card onto the windshield.  No explanation necessary.

I'm feeling a little salty today, can you tell?


  1. I got Carson cards like this that say, 'Nice Parking' - he uses them frequently : )

  2. I want those - can you send me some for a baby gift? yes, I'm still pregnant. I would stick one on the forehead of every coworker who says to me on a daily basis, "You're still here?" Yes, I'm obviously still here because my fat ass is standing right in front of you, so F&#! off! :)