Sunday, May 13, 2012

Liquid Gold Stud Earrings.

Liquid Gold Stud Earrings.  That name alone would make me want to buy the earrings without having even seen them.  But then I saw them.
And then I loved them.  And decided I needed them in my life.  And it was F&F discount time.  And then I bought them.  For myself.  As a belated birthday present.  Because it's okay to buy yourself birthday presents, right?


  1. I know! I thought of you when I bought them. :)

  2. gold and turquoise - one of my fav combos! must have.

  3. Liquid gold stud earrings are very famous in ladies. These earrings looks awesome when they wear it. It gives royal touch to your personality.

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  4. I have ALWAYS thought that gold stud would be fabulous. It's about time for everyone else to come around!